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Basement Waterproofing

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A basement is always at risk to leaking, especially if it has not been waterproofed properly. A basement that leaks can be very troublesome. You can have health and safety risks as electrocutions and fires are a big risk. You are also vulnerable to mold and mildew ruining your home. Water itself will cause serious damages to your possessions and structures. Any of these issues will mean expensive repairs and a likely need to claim on your home insurance. If you hire us to waterproof your basement, you will have protection against these risks.

Prevent Basement Flooding

The main reason for hiring us to waterproof your basement is to prevent it from flooding. If there is a lot of rain or severe weather, your property will be at risk of flooding. The lowest points of your property will be the worst affected as water will go to the lowest point. This makes your basement especially vulnerable. Basements are usually built from water resistant materials such as concrete but hey will still require more in order to be effective at keeping water out. If you hire us for our basement waterproofing, you can be sure that your basement will be protected against leaks.

Prevent Damages to Structures

If water is leaking through in to your basement it will cause you a lot of problems. Water can cause foundations to move and break as well as cause structures to rot. Anything made of wood will be vulnerable to this as well as your ceilings, walls and even flooring. This can lead to structural damage to your property. This will be expensive and time consuming to repair. Our basement Waterproofing is a great way to keep the water out of your property. This will protect your structures and save you money on potential repairs down the line.

Prevent the Formation of Mold

Mold and mildew can form in as little as 24-48 hours under the right conditions. They require a damp space that is cool. This is why Basements that are not waterproofed are high at risk. If moisture can pass through it can allow mold and mildew to form and spread. This can quickly take over your property if it is left untreated. This can pose health risks as well as ruin the quality of your air as mold and mildew leave a poor smell. If your basement is waterproofed by our professional team, this threat is significantly reduced.

Prevent Damages to Your Basement

Water can cause damage to your basement. If there is a crack in the wall of your basement it will be grow and become worse if there us water passing through. This will lead to the need for larger scale repairs that may even require heavy machinery. This will be far more expensive than if you hire us to waterproof your basement. We will ensure that your basement can last for years without needing a repair or a replacement.

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