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Helical Piers

reinforcement in a strip house wall foundation. house foundation construction.

Helical piers are a functional addition to your foundations. They are used when your foundations are set in soft ground. The helical piers will go down deeper until it hits stable soil or bedrock. This will give your foundations extra support and prevent your structure from sinking into the soil. Helical piers cam be used to support anything from a light load such as a wall up to a multistory building. They are adaptable, effective and a great way to ensure that your foundations are strong. If you would like to learn more about our helical piers or if you would like to book us for a job, give us a ring or send us an email today.

Stronger Foundations

The foundations of your building or structure are literally the building block that everything else is  built upon. If your foundations are not strong enough then your entire structure will be significantly weakened. This can lead to your foundations shifting and cracking. This can lead to the need for expensive repairs as well as damages to your walls, pipes, wiring and other areas of your building. To ensure that you have strong and long lasting foundations, you may want to add helical piers to your structure’s foundations.

Prevents Sinking

A building or structure will often sink or settle in as it is also known after it is built. This is when the soil and dirt underneath the foundations is shifting and moving. While this is not an issue on a small scale, if your building is shifting, settling or sinking too much it can be a real issue. This can lead to serious damages to many aspects of the property including the foundations and structures. Helical piers are a great way of preventing this. They will go down deep into the soil until the ground is strong and stable enough. This will keep the foundations in place and prevent any serious sinking from occurring.

Can be Used in a Variety of Soil

Helical piers make building structures on a wide variety if soils possible. You can build structures in sand and incredibly soft soil with helical piers. This is because helical piers will be driven deep down below the surface soil until it hits bedrock or ground that can withstand the pressure and weight needed. This means that even on the softest of surface soil, we can still provide you with strong foundations with our helical piers.

Protect Your Foundations

One of the main advantages to having helical piers installed on your property is the extra protection that you will have for your foundations. If your foundations shift or sink unevenly it can cause them to break and come apart. This will require repairs and it will also cause damages to other aspects of your property. If you have helical piers in place, your foundations wont be as vulnerable to this so that can stand strong for years to come.

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